Torrey M. J. Loucks, Ph.D., Associate Professor ▼

Torrey M. J. Loucks, Ph.D., Associate Professor


Office phone:

(217) 333-2230

Office fax:

(217) 244-6576

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Ph.D., Speech-Language Pathology and Neuroscience, University of Toronto, 2002

Research and Professional Interests

Dr. Loucks professional interests include:

  • Neural control of speech and voice production in the normally developing system
  • Sensorimotor integration for speech production in children and adults
  • Speech motor learning in normally fluent individuals and persons who stutter
  • Neurological voice disorders

He is collaborating with researchers in the Stuttering Research Project to identify a biomarker for persistent stuttering in children using a battery of structural and functional MRI approaches including:

  • Functional MRI (fMRI) studies of speech and voice production in normalcy and communication disorders
  • Speech movement studies focusing on sensorimotor integration and motor learning

See curriculum vitae for information about awards, academic and professional honors, publications, and professional associations and certifications.