Kirk Receives ASHA Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Karen Kirk, head of the Department of Speech and Hearing Science, received the most prestigious award given by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association when she received Honors of the Association at the organization’s annual convention in November. The award recognizes the lifetime achievement of individuals whose contributions have enhanced or altered the course of the speech and hearing science professions.

Sharon E. Moss, chair of the ASHA Committee on Honors, said at the awards banquet that Dr. Kirk’s “pioneering work in pediatric cochlear implants has led to notable changes in our field.”

Dr. Kirk’s research investigates factors that influence spoken word recognition and speech perception in adult and pediatric cochlear implant users. She has a long history of working with cochlear implants, having been the speech-language pathologist on the team led by Dr. William House that implanted and served the first children to receive cochlear implants. She has published extensively in the areas of speech intelligibility, speech perception, and speech production.

Below are some photos from Dr. Kirk’s award ceremony at the 2017 ASHA Convention.